Our Process

Conceptualisation, Perspective & Visualisation

We have some most of the most creative and productive brainstorming sessions in our office. Before we start working on a project we like to share ideas, this way as our client you are guaranteed of our best at any given time

Space and Planning

Every single space in the room needs attention. We will make the most of any area.

Colour & Material

These two aspects can make or break any room. We use our expertise to ensure that you get the best of these facets to ensure a high aesthetic value.

Light Design

Good lighting can change the outlook of an entire room, we pay close attention to how putting lights in the right place sets a mood

Joinery Design

We will ensure you get the best ornamental work even if we have to get it custom made.

Furniture Specification

A room is more than just four walls. The type of furniture you put in it also contributes to the room's personality.

Artwork & Signage

Art can be defined as the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects, we also make sure the artwork we select posses these qualities.